'Private' Walks

'Private' Walks
'Private' Walks

In the absence of an 'official' Wiltshire LDWA walks programme, group members wishing to host a 'private' walk are requested to follow the steps below to ensure those who want to, can continue to walk regularly with others despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that 'private' walks are not in any way supported by the LDWA or their insurance.

Step 1


  If you wish to lead a 'private' walk, please forward the details to Bruce Barclay, including the date, start time, meeting point, walk distance, outline route description, contact details and maximum number of participants. The latter is entirely at the leader's discretion, and may exceed the current government guidelines, though everyone taking part will expected to walk at a socially acceptable distance, etc ... .

Step 2


  Bruce will forward the details to those listed below, BCC from his personal e-mail address. If you wish to be added to, or removed from the list below, please contact Bruce.

Step 3

  Anyone wishing to join the walk should contact the leader directly as soon as possible, bearing in mind the possible limit on numbers permitted on the walk.



Wiltshire LDWA Members


Janette Armstrong

Bruce Barclay

Jon Bateman

Lesley Bellis

Steve Braithwaite

Trevor Brown

Malcolm Christie

Jan Cox

Adrian Crocker

Steve Ellis

Sheena Findlay

Andrew Ford

Clive Frankham

Tim Gravina

Phil Heneghan

Carol Holmes

Paul Hopkins

Richard Hotchkiss

Wendy Hughes

Graham Instrell

Timothy James

Alan Joslin

Corinne King

Philip King

Betty Lewis

Struan McDonald

Dave Myers

Rosemary Nelstrop

Stephen Peers

Mike Porter

Roger Pounder

David Purdy

Lucy Robins

Clare Staff

Roger Swift

Beatrice Therin

Andrew Todd

Guy Vowles

Alan Voyce

John Walker

Jenny Williams



Associate Members


Mike Buckley

John Esslemont

Sue Farrant

Paul Glynn

Alison Hosken

Gwyneth Littlejohn

Jenny Mills

Norma Williams



Warmest regards


Secretary of the Wiltshire LDWA

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