Wiltshire 50 Statement

Wiltshire 50 Statement
Wiltshire 50 Statement

Some of you have received an e-mail critical of the committee's decision not to proceed with the proposed Wiltshire 50 challenge walk. 

On behalf of the committee we'd like to assure you that the decisions we've made have been wholly in the interests of the Wiltshire LDWA and its members and were unanimously agreed.  The process has been difficult for all concerned people and no committee member has shown any hostility at any time to anyone else involved.  Despite much time and hard work it proved impossible to reconcile differing views of what is essential for a successful event. 

Especially with lockdown fever we sincerely hope that this matter won't affect the tremendous camaraderie that our group is well known for.  Thanks for your understanding and keep well.

Kind regards

Graham Instrell Clive Frankham
Chair of the Wiltshire LDWA Secretary of the Wiltshire LDWA


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