Walk from Hawkshaw Oct 27th

From Hawkshaw we went north and then west through Quarlton Fold to reach the road beside Walves Reservoir at Edgworth.  We crossed the road and headed into Turton Bottoms following Witton Weavers Way.  We then went eastwards to pass round the outside of Red Earth Farm and onto Roger Worthington's grave.He was a baptist preacher who came from Salford and lived nearby at Holcombe Hey Farm. He died in 1709 and arranged to be buried in a field near his farm. He left a wife and 2 children.

 Then we went south at Holcombe Hey Fold Farm on a footpath which was a bit overgrown for a short spell.   We had our lunch at Higher House Farm and then over to Range House to walk on the edge of the MOD area and over to Simons Farm.  We turned right and at Hollingrove Farm we saw Jeans new very best friend, the pot bellied pig, in its own garden area.  She fed it corned beef butties and biscuits.   Then it was across the garden and down the steps into Reddisher Woods nature reserve. The autumn colours were really spectacular walking through the woods.  After crossing Bolton Road it was onto Greenmount Golf Club and Holly Mount college to Brookhouse Bridge.   Then it was up through Old Kays Park, again with lovely shades of autumn, and back through the valley to Hawkshaw which we reached about 2.15 pm.

Thanks to Jean for leading a very interesting walk and organising such perfect weather as well!

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