Walk from Dunsop Bridge Sept 22nd

11 Walkers and 2 dogs arrived at Dunsop Bridge car park in the crispness of a September morning. With a promise of good weather for the day all were in shorts (apart from the leader.... who later regretted the oversight). Setting off,the group followed the Hodder east, until we traversed a moving wire bridge where some enjoyed a bounce or two, though others were just glad to get across. Passing Knowlemere Manor we gazed at the clear crisp view of the fells and made our way to Higher Birkett farm. Up through moorland, through a bog and 7 foot ferns we emerged at the track of the old roman road and then up the to road to Newton. To our surprise Stan announced the track up to the road was new to him and Shirley. On our way up to Crimpton Woods we followed a concessionary path and then entered the woods. Quite spooky as the woods appeared to die a natural death fallen trees and full of wildlife. We were now at the highest point looking to the north to the Trough of Bowland, traversing the hillside we crossed the cow ark road and had a light lunch high on the fell. The weather still glorious we made our way down the hill to the Inn at Whitewell passing a newly born calf. Hopping over the stepping stones we climbed the hill to the North of Laund Wood. Through New Laund Farm the chance to see the view from the top of the hill was passed and the group dropped back to the river. Within the hour and after following the course of the Hodder we were back at the cars. Only 8.5 miles, but all enjoyed the weather views and company...... and the opportunity to get back home in good time for the evening meal. 

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