CHARLIE’S  MEMORIAL  WALK



Saturday July 13th  and 24 people, including Charlie’s two sons, Duncan and Gordon, arrived in Abbey Village for the start of the group’s memorial walk which was the 14 miles route of the 10 FOTY walk, an event that Charlie had devised and which incorporated 10 pubs on 10 First Of The Year walks the group held annually on January 1st. The weather was fantastic, hot and sunny already as we set off making our way towards the canal at Feniscowles and on to Hoghton Tower


where shortly afterwards we were met by Bob and Margaret who had arrived with some treats including sherry and shortbread. After a toast to Charlie we continued along the canal to reach the Golden Lion PH at Higher Wheelton which was one of the pubs on the original 10 FOTY event.

Dinner was taken en-route to the Dressers Arms and we then made our way past the reservoirs at Heapey and reached the cricket ground at White Coppice where a match was underway. Some members watched the match whilst waiting for others who went to the café for drinks and ice lollies. Jeff Parr took a tumble into the one muddy place in all the walk shortly after we got going again but although he was a bit shocked he recovered quickly and all the mud was washed off him.

A climb through the woods in Brincall Plantations brought us out back on to the moors at the top of Well Lane and the walk finished at 3.30pm with most of us then going to the Hare and Hound PH to be met by Charlie’s widow, Hazel and Duncan’s wife, Ruth. Everyone was ready to enjoy a cool welcome drink after the heat of the day!


Thanks to Doreen for organising and leading the walk.

                                                                                                    See also photographs by  BRIAN  FISHER:  CLICK  HERE