BELOW WE HAVE TWO REPORTS WITH PHOTO's


                                   TUESDAY  OCT 23rd    RIVINGTON




 We had an excellent turnout of 24 people who set out from the Bottom Barn at Rivington.


The weather, although overcast, remained mild and dry and conditions underfoot were pretty dry – at least compared to some walks recently!


 We went via Wallsuches to Smithills Moor and on to Winter Hill where we stopped for lunch. We then continued through the terraced gardens before finishing on a bit of the Amble route.

 We were back at the cars at 2.25pm after a 10 mile walk.





                                DOWN  THE  STEPS - EYES  CLOSED                                    IS IT A PATH OR A STREAM????

                                               WHICH  IS  THE  FLOWER????                                      WALLSUCHERS  COMPLEX

A total of 24 walkers set off from Rivington lower barn on a mild autum day, up through the trees in their autumn colours, through Rivington Country Park heading towards Ormstons Farm, then Harts Houses eventually passing through Wallsuches houseing complex.


                                                        HOW  DEEP????                                                                      UP  THE  HILL 

                                                             QUARRY                                                                         END  OF  LUNCH  STOP

Then a very steep climb past Montcliffe Stone Quarries up to Holdens Plantation on to Smithills Moor, turning towards Winter Hill TV station towers where we had lunch.



                                                   ANOTHER  MUDDY  PATH                                             DRY  PATH  AT  LAST

                                                                                          THE  OLD  RAILWAY  TRACK

The weather turned cooler and foggy, onwards down to Pike Cottage back through Rivington Park to Wilcocks Farm down through Dean Wood, through Rivington village, back to the cars.             9.96 miles   arrived at 2:30 Spot on!


Well done Doreen