SCORTON  Tuesday 16th October



                                                   SLIPPERY  BRIDGE                                              BETTER  BRIDGE  BUT  CONCENTRATE

 12 walkers set of fro  m Scorton picinic site C.P. the weather was showery and very windy and very very muddy underfoot.


                                              YES.  IT  WAS  MUDDY                                                                              HANGING  ON

Heading first towards Scorton village then turning left up to the road below Harrisend Fell, where 3 new walkers left the group as it was too hard for them because of the very muddy fields so they went back down the road to the cars.


                                            SOGGY  LUNCH  STOP                                                         GOOD  FOOTING  AT  LAST


                                                                                           CORLESS  MILL

The rest of the group continued up the side of the fell eventually passing Swainhead Hall Farm down towards the river Wyre into Dolphinholme then past Corless Mill, Wyreside Hall, the fishing lakes, back to the cars around 3 o clock 10.8 miles

 Thanks Jacquie