Group Zoom Meeting 7th December

The group Zoom meeting on 7th December went very well with 19 members attending. It was good to see all members who got to grips with technology! Members got into the spirit by wearing festive jumpers and hats.  Neil opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and taking us through some brief business which including a discussion on whether we should run the 2021 Amble. Ian put forward his views, which have recently changed as a result of the ongoing correspondence from LDWA, he proposed to cancel the Amble and gave the rationale for doing so.  The meeting members agreed to the cancellation.   

With all business done it was time for everyone to talk about what they had been up to during the lockdown. Everyone told quite different and interesting stories. In the main the tone was quite positive and it was clear that most had been out walking many with friends and in small groups.

We then had a short break before Brian Fisher took control of the meeting to deliver his so called 'easy' quiz. Thank you Brian for your stunning photo's and compiling the quiz. We all had a laugh.   What we all learnt is to become more knowledgeable about butterflies....  The quiz winner was Doreen.  

With no prospect of any social gatherings in the near future, Zoom meetings are a good way of seeing each other and keeping in touch.   Please consider joining us in January.  Date will be posted on the website. Neil can take you through what is needed and apparently there is a good YouTube video on how to join Zoom meetings. 

In the meantime, take care and safe