Wessex Social Walking - Resumption of Larger Groups

I would like to share with you some information about the resumption of social walking within the Wessex group.

First, following advice from the LDWA national committee, the current limit of 6 walkers in a group has now been lifted.
A maximum of 30 walkers can now meet in a group - it will be up to the walk leader to decide on the number that can safely participate in the walk.

If there are going to be more than 6 people on a walk, the walk leader now has to fill in a simple risk-assessment form; this is a requirement from the LDWA insurers. You will find a link to the form below.

Second, all Wessex social walks are now open equally to associate members as well as to primary members.
Walks will continue to be advertised on the website but not in Strider for the time being.

Third, since walks will continue to have an upper limit on numbers, and walk leader contact details are not being published on the website or in Strider, a booking system will continue to operate.

So until further notice, this is how the Wessex social walking program will operate:

- The walk leader sends details of his/her proposed walk to the walks secretary (as per email address at the end of this letter)
To include date & time of walk, distance, start location, upper limit on numbers (default 30)

- The walk is published on the Wessex website https://www.ldwa.org.uk/Wessex/E/0/walk-programme.html
- Anyone wanting to join the walk emails the walks secretary with a message of interest
- Walks secretary sends list of registered walkers to the walk leader at least 1 week prior to the walk
- Walk leader informs registered walkers of any last minute changes, lunch arrangements, etc
- Walk leader completes risk assessment if more than 6 people on walk

The updated arrangements should allow many more people to take part in group social walks. A new program of walks is currently being developed so check the website periodically for updates. You will be warmly (but safely) welcomed on any of our walks.

A number of documents have been produced to help explain the new process. Links to these are shown below.

Click here for the National Committee announcement   (Posted on 2020-08-26)

Further National Committee announcement  (Posted on 2020-09-23)

Link to the new risk assessment form (groups of more than 6 people)

Frequently Asked Questions

Guidance for social walking in COVID-19 times   (Mainly aimed at walk leaders but useful reading for all walkers)

Paul Glynn
Walks Secretary