Le Tour de Pied - Dec 2016

 Le Tour a Pied.

A 15 mile route approximately parallel to that taken by the Tour de France,

 This was a linear walk from High Bradfield to Langsett Barn on Dec 16th and requiring a bus from Langsett Barn to the start.

 The 9 of us on the walk left High Bradfield with Aaron leading the walk on a damp and cloudy morning.

 We started at the church, through the cemetery and past the mound of the old motte and bailey castle and on to open countryside we walked up a hill then down again, (i missed a path ed.)  Peter was at the front then come to the rear so he didn't do it again and then found we were at the wrong side of a fence but soon overcome that (another missed turn - i did recce Honest ed.) and continued on past Mortimer House and onto Mortimer road, used on the Tour de France.

From the road we made our way onto the Dukes Road onto Broomhead moor. We left the Dukes Road and followed a beck, with great difficulty to pick up a track used by shooters down to a shooting lodge were we stopped for refreshments. The weather cleared and the sun came out and we all could admire the beautiful countryside and how lucky we were to be there. We continued down the track past a farm onto Mortimer Road for a short distance and then left the road on a track onto Barnside Moor. We past what was an old target area used for troops in the war and then descended down the moor to come out on Gill Royd Lane. We continued on to meet up with Mortimer Road again towards Midhopestones and down a side track to the Mustard Pot pub for refreshments. It was shut and so we thought then Barry come out with pots of tea and the day was saved. We left the pub and crossed the A616 onto an old railway track used in the construction of the dams and back to Langsett.

 It was a great walk led by Aaron and great to follow some of the route of the Tour de France, well done Aaron.