Committee Meeting - 14/11/19

Minutes of The Irregulars Committee Meeting held on 14.11.2019 at 7.00 pm

Venue, Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster.

1.Present: Nick Ford (Chair), Dave Sharp (Secretary), Jeff Coulson (Treasurer)

2 Apologies for Absence: Dave Motloch

3.Minutes of the meeting held on 18.07.2019: minutes accepted

3.1 Matters Arising:

4.1 Donations.

NF has written to the National Park querying whether our recent donation could be put towards a plankbridge on the A Foot in Two Dales route (Haw Beck)

4.2. Hardrow Bunk House

JC reported that Hardraw Bunkhouse was still up for sale.

Action - NF to confirm by email our request to access this facility next year for the A Foot in Two Dales event.

5. Regular Irregular Saturday 7th December 2019.

Numbers to date are unfortunately down on previous years. It is felt that because this event now clashes with Rudolf’s Romp that this has negatively influenced attendance. JC has an alternative route, if there is flooding this year (at a stream crossing negotiated via stepping stones.) Additionally, consideration to be given to avoiding this hazard by permanently rerouting. - NF has explored car parking options in the village this week with the school, church and an industrial facility.

6. Irregulars Support to Forthcoming Challenge Events

Sat 22nd Feb 2020 – “Roundhay 50”. Alwoodley CC. 2pm - 9pm.

Sat 21st Mar 2020 – “The Kettlewell.” Linton VH. Supporting N Yorks group.

May 2021 – “LDWA 100”. Wortley CH at 85miles.

May 2022 – “LDWA 100”.

The Irregulars have been invited to support all the above events, NF & JC and others, have confirmed their interest and availability. However, additional resourcing is likely to be required.

Action - NF will prepare a flyer to circulate amongst the group inviting members to assist.

7.Forthcoming Celebrations

7.1 Wed 8th July 2020 – 2000th walk.

Preliminary discussion took place about celebrating this significant date for the group. Tentative proposal that we sponsor a signpost with Peak & Northern and request it be sited on the Marsden Moors route at a key juncture. This will require approval from the relevant authorities/landowners. Suggestion that on the day (NF is walk leader) that there is a short walk followed by a celebratory lunch. JC to explore whether the group has enough funds available to part cover the costs of the lunch.

To be discussed at the Irregulars AGM.

7.2 Mar 2021 - 20th Anniversary.

Proposal that we discuss arrangements to celebrate the 20th Anniversary on the lines of the 10th Anniversary arrangements i.e. A walk and dinner/dance. To be discussed at the Irregulars AGM

8. Forthcoming Collaborations

Sat 14th March - LDWA AGM (walks).NF (16mile) & Peter Bruniges (12mile) has agreed to lead a walk for this date.

Action - NF to write an article for the Irregulars newsletter about this cluster of forthcoming events

9. Wensleydale Wedge & Blubberhouses Moor Challenge Events

Informal discussions have taken place with colleagues from the Nidderdale LDWA about the possibility of the Irregulars assuming responsibility for these events at some future date. If this decision was to be taken, the Irregulars would no longer operate the Hangover Hike and Regular Irregular. The Nidderdale walks are currently much better attended and are very popular events. Whereas, the attendance for these two Irregular events are unfortunately not oversubscribed: The matter to be discussed at a future AGM, if we are approached by Nidderdal Group.

Addendum to Item 9 

It should be clear that the possibility of the group taking over the Wensleydale Wedge, has only recently been suggested to Nidderdale Group.  No mention of the Blubberhouses Moor was mentioned in the conversation.  Their committee have yet to discus the matter.

10. Walks Co-ordinator Role

DM has written to the Committee confirming his intention not to stand for election to the office of Walks Coordinator at next year’s AGM. Agreement that DM’s excellent work as Walks Coordinator was acknowledged by all and very much appreciated. In view of this being a critical role for the group, especially in terms of programming future walks, it was felt that we need to action a replacement person ASAP. Indeed, this is the recommendation and advice from DM. Agreement that we commence the process of inviting expressions of interest in the role and for potential candidates to discuss informally with DM what the job entails.DS to draft a flyer to circulate to the group. The process of selection will of course be conducted through the normal channels i.e. at the next AGM in March 2020.

11 AOB

11.1 Lunch stops

DS has received correspondence from a member who was requesting circulating to the group whether individuals would wish to omit or shorten lunch stops on walks. The rationale for this is because during winter periods the daylight obviously is shortened and this impacts on travel issues etc. Following discussion, it was agreed that we would rather than circulating this request, advise the member to informally ask individuals either on the day of the walk or beforehand if they would be amenable to the idea of a shorter lunch or omitting altogether. Lunch stops are a central aspect of the walk programme and the group would not wish to signal otherwise to members or walk leaders.

11.2 Strider

NF has been invited to write a ’Focus On’ article for May 2020 Strider about the group’s activities, to coincide with the 2000th walk celebration.

11.3 Schedule for AGM 08.03.20

  • 20th February 2020 Last date for receipt of Agenda items and Officer nominations
  • 24th February 2020 Minutes of Previous AGM (2019) to be circulated with Financial Accounts
  • 27th February 2020 Committee Meeting
  • 8th March 2020 AGM, Leggers Inn, Dewsbury.

 Date and time of next meeting.

27.02.20 7.00pm Venue, Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster