Committee Meeting - 07/05/19

Minutes of The Irregulars Committee Meeting held on 07.05.19 at 7.00 pm

Venue, Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster.

  1. Present: Nick Ford (Chair), Dave Sharp (Secretary), Jeff Coulson (Treasurer)

2 Apologies for Absence: Dave Motloch

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 03.03.19: minutes accepted
  2. Matters Arising:

4.1. Proposal that we endeavour each year (decision to be taken at the AGM) to donate £1,000 between four different MRG’s and that this is dependant on the group’s financial situation

The above proposal was discussed at length at the last meeting and members were asked to email the secretary, Dave Sharp, regarding which MRT’s they felt were most in need before the end of March 2019. The only response received was from Sue England (via Facebook) highlighting fund raising by Holme Valley Mountain Rescue.  This being the case it is decided to donate £250 to this cause.  This leaves £750 in the ‘donation’ pot, which could be distributed throughout the year to MRGs or other worthy causes,  if or when the need arises (see para 6 below).

  1. 2019 AGM review process

 The committee reviewed the arrangements for the recent AGM and felt that the venue (The Leggers) continued to be an appropriate facility for this event. However, the room utilised for the AGM has a step-down area where committee members sat, and it was deemed unsuitable for effective communication with members. This was because the sight line to the upper area was difficult and therefore seating arrangements would be reviewed for the meeting next year, to optimise better interaction.

Action point -It was also suggested (given our financial contribution) that we invite a representative from Peak and Northern Footpath Society to the next AGM in 2020, to give a short presentation about their work.

  1. Marsden Moor Meander

Numbers are increasing for this forthcoming event; this currently stands at 107 and approximately 20 are anticipated paying on the day. All arrangements in hand, no difficulties or logistical issues reported. Jeff Coulson suggested that we place a donation sign for the National Trust at the event to go towards improvement work to the moors following the fire. Nick Ford suggested following the circumstances of the fire our group may wish to also give a donation. We also walk regularly in this area in addition to this event.

It was noted that SI entries now have all our events in the running and walking section, and this was felt to increase the awareness of the group to potential participants.



  1. A foot in Two Dales

We have received 93 entries so far. There has been effective communication with parish and local councils about the event. It is felt that the group has learnt form the experience of staging the event last year eg in terms of catering, signage, placement of marshals, etc. It was proposed that volunteers ensure they arrive at the main venue early on Friday evening to ensure all necessary tasks are completed prior to the start.

Nick would draw up a list of volunteers/jobs and seek to fill the gaps throughout May.  Members who wish to help out should contact Nick directly.

8 Subscription process

Dave Sharp reported that the subscription process has been protracted this year and he was encouraging members via his “spot” in the newsletter to move to using BACS or direct debit if possible. Also, it was proposed that next year cheques received should go directly to the treasurer. This was felt to be a more efficient process than first going to the secretary.

  1. Date and time of next meeting: Thursday 6th June 2019, 7pm Angel and White Horse Tadcaster