Committee Meeting - 11/01/19

Minutes of The Irregulars Management Meeting held on 11.01.19, 19.00

Venue, Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster.

  1. Present: Nick Ford (Chair), Dave Sharp (Secretary), Jeff Coulson (Treasurer)

2 Apologies for Absence: Dave Motloch

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 19.06.18: minutes accepted
  2. Matters Arising:

4.1. LDWA & Data Protection 2018

Subsequent to our last meeting DS had circulated an agreed email to each member covering matters of data management of individuals. DS commented that he was aware that the LDWA was now stating that each local group should appoint a Data Protection Officer to ensure the safety and privacy of members information. DS queried whether this should require an additional officer post for this role (to provide additional scrutiny) but on balance it was felt this could temporarily reside with the responsibilities of secretary but subject to review.

5 LDA/NEC Proposals for local groups to have standardised constitutions.

NF has circulated to the management group information on this issue, however, it was felt that we await voting at the annual LDWA AGM and adopt any constitutional changes that arise. This matter was not perceived as posing any difficulties for the group.

  1. LDWA Bulk email update/implementation process.

NF reported that he has finalised the setting up of the new LDWA email circulation group and there is a total of 129 individuals currently on this. An additional 20 members are not, and they will require a small dedicated group email (as per current arrangements). NF has spent much time on this process and it now requires implementation. DS & NF to action this ASAP. Members will be alerted prior to the adoption of the bulk email process but have been made aware previously.

  1. Challenge Events Update.

JC reported that the Hangover Hike had been a singular success, good numbers attending, positive feedback form participants, venue arrangements and catering were excellent and even the weather was good. In the light of this no changes therefore planned for next year’s event.

A Foot in 2 Dales 2019, currently 38 applications, walk details are being updated to reflect minor changes eg to accommodate less road walking and different stop points. We now have facilities at Muker Village Hall, Bainbridge and Redmire.

Marsden Meander, presently 28 applications. No significant planning changes required.

  1. 7. Any other business

NF raised the issue of environmental concerns for the group and advocated  a progression of our approach to ensuring the minimal use of plastic material  (especially once we have utilised our reserves of such items )and use paper/wood items in preference. NF is also to encourage members to car share in his newsletter slot, although it is recognised many members already do this.


  1. Date and time of next meeting: Thursday 21st February 2019, Angel and White Horse Tadcaster