Social Walk Program & Occasional Walk - Update

Social Walk Program & Occasional Walk - Update
Social Walk Program & Occasional Walk - Update
As you are aware, from today (4th July), HM Gov introduced more 'relaxing' of the current lock down measures.  This includes the reopening of pubs, cafes etc.  
We had thought that the new measures would have included an increase in the size of the group allowed for outside exercise.  Unfortunately this has not happened and the size of the group remains at 6.  
It is hoped that, given the increased number of people congregating in confined spaces ie pubs, there is no Covid spike and the current limit changes (increase).  However we are also mindful that more stringent measures may be put in place, if it does. 
Social Walk Program - Both John and I are in agreement, given the ongoing limitation to the size of the walking group, we will be unable to reintroduce The Irregulars Social Walk program on Sat 18th July.   
We have decided to aim to start walking, as a collective, from the start of our Sep-Dec program.  Therefore our first walk will now (hopefully) be Weds 2nd Sep PNFS6 Bowlands Half Dozen.
As I mentioned in a previous message, we understand that having spent so much time on your own, you may have concerns about walking with a large number of people again.  We may therefore have to implement some do's & dont's to start with.  Please be assured then when we do start walking together again, we will do all we can to ensure we walk safely and within the guidelines of the day.
Walk Leaders - Having said that, if you wish to carry out your respective walk, on the day that is scheduled in our program, we are happy for you to do so.  If you do, you can contact me direct and I will inform members that the walk led by you, on such and such a day, is going ahead.  I will emphasise to members wishing to do the walk, that they must contact you direct and book on the walk with you.  The onus is then on you to make sure the group size is limited and the walk is conducted within current guidelines.
Walks that do not take place, will be rescheduled into a future social walk program, in accordance with arrangements made between the walk leader and JohnWhitty.  In the meantime, the occasional walks that are being organsed by members themselves, will hopefully continue until the revised start date in Sep.  
Occasional Walks (Groups of 5 + Walk Leader) - For a number of weeks now, occasional walks have taken place, that have been organised among members themselves.  These have taken place within the current HM Gov guidelines and instructions issued by the LDWA.  They appear to be working well and have been very popular.  They are a great way to start to get together again socially, as well as increasing your walking distance and overall fitness.
If you are intending to organise a walk, please be sensible not only in the area of your choice.  There are plenty of footpaths that are well away from the usual tourist hot spots.  But also the possibility of a need for emergency or rescue services.  
Providing it is completed within the current guidelines, the committee see no reason why, if a catch-up walk is completed, it should not count towards a members walk total.  Please let Tony know when you have completed one so he can add it to your totals.
If you wish to lay on a walk and want others to join you, we can advertise it for you, either on our Face Book page or by email to subscribing members.  Please contact me direct with your walk details.'
Stay safe.  Stay in touch.  Enjoy your walking
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