July 100 Challenge

July 100 Challenge
July 100 Challenge

This from the LDWA NEC...

After the success of the virtual 100-mile challenge in May, where over 350 participants from 41 of our Local Groups entered how far they had walked (or run) during an hour of exercise each day, we are going to run another 100-mile challenge, along the same format, for each of the remaining 31-day months of 2020. 

Even though the restrictions on exercise are being eased across the UK, the May Challenge was attractive to many LDWA members who for one reason or another, sometimes relating to COVID-19 and sometimes just through injury or infirmity, could not manage long distances,  but the challenge of walking just over 3 miles a day, each day in the month was not only achievable, but also gave many a focus. 

Quite apart from the exercise itself, the associated Facebook page for those on social media, was hugely successful in creating a friendly and supportive community for sharing photographs and experiences, especially at a time when group walks were suspended.  However, it is quite possible to participate without using Facebook as the spreadsheet is held on the member pages of the LDWA website.

The theme for the July Challenge is Long Distance Paths and information on how to join in will be on the LDWA Website under News and on the main LDWA Facebook page this weekend.  The Challenge itself will begin on Wednesday 1st July.

The event is free, but donations to the LDWA IT are warmly welcomed (click here to donate)

Further information on how to join in the challenge is found in the events section of the website

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