Coranvirus and our Social Walks

Coranvirus and our Social Walks
Coranvirus and our Social Walks
Given the latest advice from HM Gov, that advocates avoiding unnecessary travel & unnecessary social contact, I am of a mind to cancel all our social walks, with immediate effect.
At the weekends AGM, notices of LDWA event cancellations were being received, from Local Groups representatives present.  While there has been nothing official from the LDWA NEC, I half expect a diktat to be promulgated to all local groups soon.   
Many of our members do fall within or close to the vulnerable age group and I would not wish to put anyone into a situation where they may contract the virus.  I recognize that we could be considered healthier that the average person in the street and may therefore not suffer the full symptoms. But there remains the real possibility that we pass it on to family & friends who are vulnerable.
While we could maintain a safe distance while walking.  Consideration must be given to our coming together, in a public place, at the lunch break.
Irrespective of the lack of direction, I believe we have a responsibility to follow the Government guidelines.
It is therefore, with a necessary reluctance, that the Social Walk Programme is suspended for the time being.
Just because we are not walking together does not mean we cant stay in touch.  Keep in contact by phone, email, face book etc.  If you do need help with anything, please let a Committee Member know and we'll do what we can to assist you.
Let us hope that normal services return as soon as possible but in the meantime take care of yourselves, your nearest and dearest and each other.
The Irregulars LDWA -