West Wycombe Wanderings, 17 February 2013

This was my first walk with the Thames Valley branch of the LDWA. I was not sure what to expect: how many people will be there? Will I be made welcome? Will I be able to keep up with them, or will it be to slow for me? I need not have worried. I was made welcome right from the start, and during the course of the walk, I must have managed to talk to half of the people.

The walk started foggy but after an hour the morning sun burned off the fog to leave a clear day and although cold it was not a problem as the walking warmed you through. The walk took us through Fingest and after 5 miles we stopped for a quick break. All the breaks were short as you chilled quickly. As we walked you talked to different people which made time fly and the miles just melted away. The Chiltern Hills are beautiful; with villages like Turville it feels as though you are stepping back in time to a bygone period.

All too soon the walk was over and we all went our own ways. I dropped a couple from the London branch off at Wycombe station on my way home. Summing up a marvellous day, the weather was kind and the people kinder. Thank you all, my membership application is now in the post and I hope to see you all again.

Bill Dunn.

Stats: Distance walked 18 miles; total ascent approx 2000 feet; average speed 2.65mph; time taken 6hrs 45min; walkers (from TV & London Groups) 22 + me (Bill).