March on the Ridge, 2 March 2013

The walk started in Berkhamsted at the junction of North Road and Anglefield road just after 9 o'clock. Jerome was walking "point". There were 11 of us on the walk and we were keen to get started as the cold morning wind penetrated our clothing. The first 6 miles were a gentle climb of over 300 feet to the highest point of the walk at Longcroft. The initial pace was good at just under 3mph - but we needed it to get us warm. The day was mostly overcast with the odd bit of sunshine just breaking through the clouds.

At this northern end of the Chilterns, the hills level out to a more undulating landscape, mostly agricultural. Spring ploughing was underway. At Cholesbury we had a quick walk around the churchyard. I don't think it was intended, just Jerome getting his bearings!

The walk was pleasant, with one or two steep sections getting the heartbeat up. We were back at our cars for 4pm.

Bill Dunn.