LDWA History Group - Invitation to Submit Walks

LDWA History Group - Invitation to Submit Walks
LDWA History Group - Invitation to Submit Walks

We have been asked to forward the following to walk leaders:

The LDWA History Group offers members the opportunity to take part in social walks where there is a historical theme or background to the event. These walks are scheduled through the LDWA History Group Meet Up page, and are available to subscribed LDWA members only. 


We are looking for additional walks with a historical background to them and are inviting local groups to offer walks to the History group. It may be that your group has run a suitable walk in the past and the walk leader would be prepared to lead it again on behalk of the History Group. Alternatively it may be an entirely new walk with a historical theme.

Previous History Group walks have covered the history of Fleet Street and the newspaper empires, and a circuit of stately halls in Lancashire. 

If you have a walk that you think may be suitable for the History Group, please contact Graham Jones (Group Admin) to discuss further (grahamlj67@gmail.com)

In addition, Graham would be grateful if you could contact your regular walk leaders to ask if they'd be prepared to organise and lead a walk for the History Group.

Thank You & Best Wishes.

Sent on behalf of the LDWA History Group 

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