TVLDWA walks and LDWA's 50th anniversary - update

TVLDWA walks and LDWA's 50th anniversary - update
TVLDWA walks and LDWA's 50th anniversary - update


Some of you may not have received the original of this email, so I'm sending it again, with an addition about Sunday, highlighted below.


  • A reminder about our picnic walks this Sunday, 15th August 2021; see here. In order to help with the catering please email Duncan by Saturday on 07884 266309, with 'Yes on Sunday' or 'Maybe on Sunday'. You should also be aware that it is the last day of the Henley Regatta, which may affect your travel arrangements.
  • Note that we have no walks scheduled after the end of this month, so please get in touch with me at if you can offer one this autumn. (Existing leaders can fill in the usual spreadsheet as well, to avoid duplication.)
  • You may have read in Strider about the LDWA's 50th anniversary next year. We have received the following:

Further to Julie's update in the August Strider regarding planned celebrations for the LDWA's 50th Anniversary, you will note that one of the things we are looking at is compiling a "Cookery Book".

The Cookery Book aims to include recipes that are local to your area and which are, or have been, provided as part of challenge events - either on checkpoints or at the end of the event. It will also feature recipes for meals walkers might look at having the night before events as well as snacks/ treats they may take in their rucksack.

It would be great to get at least one recipe from each of our local groups - so please cascade this email to your members or if you have someone in your group who is your "catering specialist" please liaise with them.

Please can you send a copy of your recipe and a photograph of the same to me at by 31 December 2021. In addition, if you would like to provide some narrative about why you have chosen a particular recipe, the local history behind the recipe and perhaps an illustration that would be great.

Finally, if you could provide details of the person providing the recipe it will make it even more interesting and personal.

Thanks in advance.

Julia Warman

Membership Secretary


Graham Croucher, TV walks co-ordinator.

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