AGM News and Expected Recommencement of Walks

AGM News and Expected Recommencement of Walks
AGM News and Expected Recommencement of Walks

The LDWA National AGM was last Sunday and we have since has some communications from the NEC regarding the recommencement of activities. In brief:

1. The current EXPECTATION is that we will be able to hold social walks from Monday April 12th, though some restrictions still seem likely, e.g. possibly (as before) rule of six unless a leader wishes to undertake a risk assessment. Travel is still discouraged before this date at this time though clearly from March 29th, groups of six can meet privately. We will keep you advised.

2. Challenge walks, including anytime events (including our own Oxon 20/40) remain suspended but are being looked at and we will be advised in due course on this. Note there are some 11 anytime events planned around the country this summer, which are on SI entries. The virtual hundred on 28/29 May remains open for entries - there are now 310, including 8 from Thames Valley. 

3. The main issue of concern at the AGM remains IT and the website, which has crashed twice this year. The current situation, with e.g. no challenge walks and levies on non-members, means there is not the necessary funds to update the site and things will gradually get worse. Furthermore, there is now no IT officer as the only nominee withdrew. Anyone who feels they could help please contact one of the NEC. The other main issue is whether the LDWA should seek charitable status, which is a complicated issue.

4. We ourselves raised the issue of the current ban on non-members for all activities (it clearly impacts 3 above). This is entirely due to the LDWA insurance that will not insure non-members under current conditions. We hope this situation will change soon. 

If anyone wants any further clarification on these issues, please reply to this email

Duncan Macgregor



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