AGMs and other news

AGMs and other news
AGMs and other news

Hope you are still getting out for at least some short walks. Remember we have lots of routes on our website, such as old Oxon routes, these go quite far out, and you may be able to pick up some of these near your homes.

At least the scenery has changed today with the snow!

1. The minutes of our AGM are available on our website at Our annual report is also available at

2. The LDWA group AGM will be on March 7th on Zoom. Details and registration for this are at Or if you wish me to represent your viewpoint on anything, please drop me an email. You can also vote online on a few matters at

3. Correction to my description of the Virtual 100 on my last email . To qualify for the 2022 hundred, you need to complete 50 miles in 24 hours not 48.

Following a number of well earned retirements, we now have no 'without portfolio' members on our committee and there is now only one woman. This means there is no-one to fall back on in the case of any illness or special event.  We also clearly need more diversity. There is obviously no rush on this but please consider whether you'd be willing to take one of 'without portfolio' positions once we start activities again..



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