Thames Valley LDWA social walks for the rest of 2020

Thames Valley LDWA social walks for the rest of 2020
Thames Valley LDWA social walks for the rest of 2020

As you will have seen in Strider, and on our web site, we have no scheduled walks for the rest of the year. This includes the walks in early December which precede our Christmas festivities (which are also cancelled).

Until the COVID-19 situation becomes clearer we will continue to offer walks to primary members via email, provided leader(s) can be found. Bear in mind that (at present) no more than six people can walk together (at a social distance), so participants will need to contact the leader to indicate their interest.

Please download the advice here and read our own advice here.

A few of us plan to offer multiple different walks every Sunday, both 20 and 15 miles, using as many leaders as required. To simplify administration the walks on each Sunday will start from the same place, with various start times. The walks will be advertised on the preceding Monday, and people asked to sign up for one of the distances. The start times, leaders and participants for each walk will be sent out on the Friday evening. Given that some leaders may be leading very frequently it is possible that they may not have checked every walk, but we plan to use areas with which we are familiar, so that we can adjust a route if necessary.

This initiative is intended to provide some consistency and assure people that they can walk each week; we hope it doesn't dissuade anyone else from offering to lead walks.


Graham Croucher, TV Walks Co-ordinator

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