Role of Secretary

Role of Secretary
Role of Secretary


As those of you who attended the Thames Valley AGM in January may remember, I stated my intention to stand down as Secretary for TV at the next AGM in 2021 having been in the role for 10 years.  The time has come for someone else to take over the position and bring some fresh ideas to the post.


I can honestly say that the role of Secretary is foremost an enjoyable position with a fantastic supporting committee.  Over recent years, I have shed a number of slightly more onerous tasks, either by delegation or deletion and now the role is mainly minute taking and email communication with members. During ‘normal’ times, the committee typically meets four to five times a year, the meetings flexible around committee availability, daytime or evening and a day to suit most if not all of the committee.


The committee really needs someone to step forward and be prepared to take on this role at the next AGM.  I am putting this note out now in part because of the current situation we find ourselves in of not having social walking to talk to individuals directly but also as a reassurance that I am happy to support a long transition to the role.


Kind Regards


Maureen Downes





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