Social Walking - Update from NEC

Social Walking - Update from NEC
Social Walking - Update from NEC

Note forwarded from David Morgan:


The National Executive Coronavirus (NEC) sub-committee monitors the guidance provided by the Governments of England (UK), Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and meets every Monday to review the advice provided to LDWA members.

It appears to be the case that LDWA activities are going to have to adhere to a ‘new normal’ in the short, medium and perhaps long term. In order to protect the very good reputation that the LDWA has developed over many years both at a national level and in the local communities in which it operates, the NEC will consider various aspects relating to our activities. This will include things like social distancing, food hygiene, car parking, meeting places and even the width of paths that we walk on.

Please be reassured that the NEC is considering how to mitigate the associated risks and is considering when social walks and challenge events might be allowed to resume. These are difficult times for all involved in the LDWA and the NEC is acutely aware of the distress that a loss of LDWA activities is causing for many of our members. We are grateful for your continued patience.


David Morgan

LDWA Chair

Thames Valley LDWA -