Thames Valley needs more Volunteers!

Thames Valley needs more Volunteers!
Thames Valley needs more Volunteers!

Thames Valley LDWA needs your HELP!

The TVLDWA committee really needs a few more volunteers to support the group. It really is nothing too onerous, but without a committee to keep things going, liaise with other groups and LDWA central, sort the money, communicate and administer the website, organise a walks programme, and help with the organising and running of the annual challenge event (presently the Oxon 20/40) the group as we know it would not exist.

Therefore, if you enjoy and value the group, please consider whether you can spare just a few hours a month to help keep the group going.

We have a committee meeting at The Kings Hotel, Stokenchurch on 6th December at 7.30pm. You would be most welcome to attend and get an insight into what the committee do.  I’m sure our Chair, Steve Mee will put his hand in his pocket, well TV coffers, and sport a round of drinks.

On a more serious note, the role of Secretary will become vacant at the AGM in January 2018. As incumbent secretary, I have been thinking of ways to share out the responsibilities to make the role more manageable. If we could find four volunteers to share the work of the Secretary, each component part would be ‘stand-alone’ and only take a minimal amount of time. As an example:

a) Volunteer for Si entries - A once a year task of liaising with Si to ensure the information provided for the Oxon 40 / 20 is up-to-date

b) Focal point for the LDWA '100' event - Every other year.  Be the focal point between TV and organising group. Identify group of volunteer Marshals, organise transport and meals.

c) Membership Secretary - Once a month, check on new members and forward the welcome note written by Chair

d) Secretary - Write up minutes of meetings, typically 6 - 8 max per year.  Send out 'bulk' emails as instructed by the committee / Chair.


If you feel that you may be able to help us in any way, then please contact any of the committee and come along.

Thank you

The TV committee

Steve Mee, Ron Doole, Maureen Downes, Jan Sambrook, Graham Croucher

Gill Scott, Shahina Ahmed,

Thames Valley LDWA -