2019 01 26 Aspects of Pendle

SP Group On The Day
Pendle Ski Club Wellsprings
Ogden Clough
Pike Law at the Big End, our 1st accent. (Photo taken on the recce in August 2018)
Ten willing walkers took on the tough challenge of 5 different accents of our magnificent Pendle Hill.
22m, moderate pace and the total accent through the roof! 
Norman, Andrew, Ron, Dave, New member Nick and leader Pendle Pete all SP, Stephen, Paul & Tony all EL and Peter SM.
Leaving Downham CP on time in fine overcast weather at 8am, we crossed the fields to Hecklin Farm and up onto the Pendle Road, crossing into the wood and over Great Coppy to meet our 1st climb of the day at Pike Law and the Big End of Pendle.
Stopping at the trig point for a quick photo of the group and a blustery wind to greet us with good visibility though, it was onwards to the top of the old cart track, down and back, to the bottom of the Pendle Fell Race Route, taking us directly back to the trig again completing our 2nd accent. All the way across the top now towards Ogden Clough, with good views of the Pendle townships below on our left.
Ogden Clough is the main watershed, running through the heart of the hill by a great cleft gouged into the hillside from Barley and almost round to the summit, giving valuable drinking water and of course feeding Pendle Water.
We had our first break beneath the only tree on Pendle, a Rowan at Boar Clough.
Continuing by the river up to the top of the bend of Ogden Clough, we branched left to follow the broken wall path, over Turn Head and Pendle Moor, to the Scout Cairn and the 3rd accent, overlooking Clitheroe and Ribblesdale.
Taking the path all the way down Burst Clough with more fine view of Ribblesdale to Angram Green Farm, bearing left there and across fields to Little Mearley Hall.
It was at this point Nick, had to make the sensible decision of pulling out of the walk due to a knee problem.
The beautiful ancient wood at Little Mearley was where we had our lunch, before we tackled the 4th climb up and back onto Pendle Moor, bearing westward now towards the 'Nick’ and the Burnley - Clitheroe Road.
Before reaching the road at Wellspring’s Restaurant and Pendle Ski Club, we negotiated the moors of Mearley and Pendleton above Ashendean Clough.
A brief stop to see the Skiers and it was up the road to the top of the ’Nick’ branching off left, down through the quarry area and over another section of Pendleton Moor to Badger Wells Hill and Spence Moor.
Dropping off Spence Moor, steeply down into Ogden Clough again, opposite Boar Clough where we had our first break earlier, we crossed Pendle Water as it began to rain around 3pm 
Considering the weather forecast for the day, we all felt grateful on getting so far dry.
Anticipating more rain it was decided to have our third and final break, sheltering behind one of the drystone walls, a feature of our Northern Countryside.
It was off again, back on the Pendle Valley side of this magnificent hill, passing Cat Holes, Fox Holes and crossing on the path underneath Pendle Hill, to the Big End again via Pendle House Farm.
Up for the 5th time, by the steps or the original path parallel beneath.
On reaching the top again, I think it is fair to say another accent might have been beyond most of us.
Downhill all the way now, with a look at Robin Hood's Well in passing, we reached the fields below, after crossing the Pendle Road again at Lane Head, where soon back in Downham by 5pm, ready for a hot bath, a good meal and a stiff drink.
To indicate how fortunate we had been, has soon as we left the car park the heavens opened fine style.
An excellent group and a pleasure to lead, thanks again for supporting.
Yours truly, Pendle Pete.