2018 09 20 New Mills

With an abject afternoon weather forecast & some attending the post walk agm , the sensible option was to amend the advertised walk which could wait for another drier day . That said it wasn’t until 1300 that the rain caught up : beforehand it was perfect walking conditions with a pleasant temperature on a clear day . Leaving New Mills via The Torrs the Peak Forest canal was taken to Whaley Bridge then across Taxal Moor with super views all around . A scenic track via Dunge Farm for the first stop in the wooden pews of Jenkin Chapel dating from 1733 .

Down then steeply up fields & tracks to goats & excitable dogs at remote Common Barn with views beyond across the Cheshire Plain . Thru Ginclough to an ancient byway heading for Oakenbank ; joining the Gritstone Trail for the next few miles across the top of Gausie Brow & Sponds Hill . Heavy rain had finally caught up with us as we entered Lyme Park at Bow Stones cottage so the final stop sought shelter by a wall beneath the tree canopy in Knightslow Wood .

The final stretch was in torrential rain justifying the call to shorten the walk & switch to Plan “B” . Passing close to the Hall a track took us out of Lyme Park & via Redmoor Farm to Newtown , across an impressive railway footbridge & back to New Mills in just over six hours .

Again a brisk pace was maintained throughout with no lingering ; in many ways we were lucky with the weather & just the final four miles in any noticeable rain necessitating full waterproofs . A super walk in good company , thanks to Norman , Ron , Andrew & Mill Bank Peter for heading across . 20 miles 2800 feet ascent .