2017 10 28 Hollingworth Lake Intro Walk

What it was like on the recce


What it was like on the day!


Some much needed shelter for lunch


Getting extra layers on




At the start of a haunted valley


Running the gauntlet of the haunted valley




We’d been up early to drop Sue’s car at the White House before going to Hollingworth Lake for the start of my introductory walk.   There were 10 of us.  Sue and myself of course, together with Phil and Julie from East Lancs, Jane from Rochdale RA, Andrew, Norman, Jane Guest, Linda and Karen.  Setting off by the reservoir, then passing under the M62 motorway and we were soon into thick, dense mist.  Pity really because there should have been fine views over to Ogden reservoir at this stage and once in the mist we had no decent view until much later in the walk as we dropped down to the Rochdale canal. 

Climbing steadily we made our way to Windy Hill, walking close to the telecoms mast all but invisible in the conditions.  Turning north we this time crossed the M62 high up on the foot bridge following the Pennine Way to Blackstone Edge.  Now light drizzle and rain which eases along the edge.  Pass the White House and wind speed picks up – 50 mph I’d estimate and rain.  Overtrousers on.  Stop for lunch by Warland reservoir and Andrew points out a good place to shelter against the wind – the dam wall and a small pier.  We hunker down and the shelter is much needed and appreciated for our lunch stop.  After eating with us Sue goes back to her car at this point as planned, Phil and Julie keeping her company. 

Push on.  We take the diversion path round the back of Warland res and then drop down to more clement conditions, soon to follow the Rochdale canal back to Littleborough.  Just one final obstacle to negotiate - Ealess valley being decorated for Halloween, we had to run the gauntlet of ghosts and ghouls.  The walk comes in at just under 18 miles.  Thanks all for your company.