2017 02 25 South Pennine 24

See more photos from Pete: 
My thoughts on the 24:
Around 100 entrants braved the elements for the second SP 24 
On hearing the weather forecast the night before, I was expecting to be covered in mist, rain and poor visibility for the day.
But we had a good fine start with decent views up and over to Chew Reservoir, a truly dramatic Skyline all around, spectacular.
It was about 9.30am when I realised the weather was starting to close in.
Changing direction at Chew Res’ and for most of the remainder of the route, we had rain on our back, so thankful for that.
But you don’t get many sunny days in Winter/February, in the Pennines, got to be realistic and it is a LDWA Challenge Event.
We where up for it and everyone back inside the time limit, safe and sound, with very nice homemade Pie and Peas, Cakes and Hot Brews.
A big thankyou to everyone involved with the organisation!
Kind regards Pendle Pete from Barrowford.