2016 11 17 Tides Well Out and Back

Coffee break 
Cows taking coffee break too
One end of a rainbow
The other end of rainbow
Spot the difference?
An early start to meet Andrew at Kateys diner on the A6 outside Dove Holes proved a good idea.
After a quick catch-up and cuppa we headed off to meet the masses at Tideswell. C.P.
10 minutes to go ....''.looks like me and thee Andrew". a few false alarms from dog walkers,then Steve
arrived to make up the group.
8.30 prompt, we headed off out of Tideswell Dale past the sewerage works { a clue to the weather later }.
Skirting Litton via Litton Dale the track took us down the impressive Tansley Dale onto the lovely village 
of Foolow.  Over our shoulder a fabulous rainbow appeared with a backdrop of dark threatening clouds
building.  Weaving through Eyam we stopped briefly at the Plague House then on through Town End to
Stoney Middleton.  A suggestion from Steve signalled waterproofs at the ready.  10.30 Break time in the
On down the valley we joined a leafy wet path alongside the River Derwent. Kicking leaves for a couple
of miles we left the shelter of the trees out into open countryside and the full force of 'mother nature'.
Leaving a group of lady walkers in our watery wake, Pilsley was our next destination.  Discussing the merits
of various waterproofs we topped the long climb and decided nothing is completely waterproof.  A quick photo
opportunity with a double rainbow backdrop and clear blue skies our spirits lifted,lunch was declared.
Jumping onto The Monsal Trail we made good progress in the afternoon sunshine.  After a few miles we 
took a path off towards Great and Little Longstone on our way to Monsal Head.  The only serious climb of
the day,out of Monsal Dale,was soon sorted.  After a brief stop to use up supplies and admire the wonderful
valley we headed along High Dale towards Brushfields.  A fabulous murmuration by a flock of starlings was
too quick for Steve to snap.....a pity.
Slipping down the valley into Litton we were soon on our homeward path up Tideswell Dale back to  
the car park.21mls 3.15pm finish.
Thanks to Steve and Andrew for their company.