2016 11 03 Some Kinder Edges

Kinder Reservoir


William Clough


In the clough


Looking back to Kinder Reservior


Emerged from William Clough


Ashop Clough - morning coffee break


Ashop Clough - view towards The Snake



 The start of Fair Brook Clough


Arrive at 08:37 and I’m late for the start of my own walk!  I’m embarrassed and allowing an extra 35 minutes for the weekday morning traffic clearly wasn’t enough.    Apologise to Ron, Brenda and new chap David waiting at Bowden Bridge.  Start by going along by Kinder Reservoir and up William Clough.  The weather is initially okay; dry but crisp and not too cold.  Once on Kinder we go down Ashop Clough on the Snake Path.  Coffee at 10:35 at a convenient ruined building.  Along to and then up Fair Clough, the 2nd climb of the day.  Stop just before the top to kit up with extra layer and windproof.  Along the edges going east.  Lunch around 12:50.  It starts to drizzle and rain, so it’s waterproofs on.  As Ron remarks, it's typical Kinder weather.

I decide to cut some of the route out, due to the lack of available daylight and the weather.  Cut across Kinder to the edges on the south side of Kinder.  Now west on the edges.  At Pennine Way turn N after a quick coffee break to put an extra mile back in and then down path cutting back south under the edges.  Finish around 16:15 in daylight.  18 miles.