2016 10 15 Edale Dales

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A second walk report:

Edale Dales Deliveance   Saturday 15th October 2016

Our leader,  supersonic Ian Hull  gave his six enthusiastic walkers after his arrival at Edale on the 8.35am a lightening tour of Derbyshire. In an Olympic record time . We shot up Man Nick leaving the oldies huffing and puffing (me) on arrival at the top, only to be encouraged to  move speedily across Windy Knoll.  Flat out for the first section we had a brekkie stop at Peter’s Dale, augmented by Carmel’s fruit cake. This only added to the next sprint section as the elite squad, Ian, Paul and Ron had a sugar rush. !!!  Then we should have been roped together for a steep rocky descent into Chee Dale and its giant stepping stones, leaving poor Ann wishing she was 6ft tall with a stride to match, as the leaders once again sped off into the mist.

The village of Peak Dale was a much welcomed lunch and recovery spot whereby the locals gave rescue to the needy and offered very welcome cuppas - maybe feeling sorry for us?, 

With haste we soldiered on passing the ‘Wanted Pubic House’  in Sparrowpit,  leaving Steve confused as to why such a iconic  place to be worshiped, should be passed in such haste. Only to  enter  the boggy terrain toward Rushup Farm  whereby  Rodger’s  footwear, having endured an accelerated pace throughout  our route,  decided they’d  had  enough and  gave way, leaving his quick lace Solomon footwear  questionable  as to whether he’d be able to continue and finish the route.   Poor Rodgers handicap was voiced to the leader with concern by a member of the rear party, with the response ,” he’ll be fine he has bare feet to finish the walk  LoL . Rodger being an experienced, hardened walker did grin and bear the handicap and finished the  superb walk with a huge grin and sigh of relief and contentment  as we all did. It was tough and challenging social event but the banter and camaraderie by one and all was fantastic. Asked if we would do again,??? absolutely overwhelmingly YES, tough quick route led by a cheery as always hungry , looking for a bargain, walk leader, ‘Ian’   We now know how he manages to exceed 5,000 miles a year. Anyone considering one of his ‘ Social ‘ walks in future - be warned - arrive in running spikes !!


Carmel & Steve J



There's generally only one way out of Edale & so seven started the biggest ascent of the day to reach misty Mam Nick . From here things levelled out as we sped across Windy Knoll to pick up the Limestone Way which was followed into the crags of peaceful Hay Dale then Peter's Dale where the first of three stops were taken .

It was eight miles to the next stop as we entered the first part of Monk's Dale then steeply ascended across fields , passing overladen D of E teenagers , to reach Wormhill . Shortly after we were well & truly in limestone country , negotiating a steep rocky descent on a concessionary path to cross the footbridge & the start of Chee Dale , arguably the most spectacular of the Derbyshire Dales .

Large limestone slabs were carefully clambered down to reach the River Wye , dwarfed by huge limestone cliffs which towered overhead on both sides . Under an overhang which had attracted a couple of local climbers we passed over stepping stones by the cliff face which jutted into the river , it's clear waters revealing small trout & home to several bobbing dippers . We criss crossed the river to negotiate a second set of stepping stones more widely spaced apart , then into Wye Dale before leaving the riverside to cross under the freight only railway line which serves the quarries in this area .

A steep climb up an overgrown path to emerge on an open hilltop overlooking Topley Pike Quarry as fine views opened out with bright afternoon sun accompanying us for the remainder of the day . A sharp descent then a gradual up on a sunken grassy path in Woo Dale , with field paths followed to reach the war memorial garden in the village of Peak Dale . Here Roger had his water bottle topped up by a friendly resident who then offered to make tea for the group , an offer taken up by three !

Now in a large quarrying area we descended to pass the railway freight marshalling yard at Peak Forest sidings , with a short road section to the hamlet of Smalldale . A farm track then cinder track were followed around the lip of Dove Holes Quarry , the largest open cast quarry in the area . Passing across fields via Sparrowpit & Rushup Farm we paused for the final stop at a track junction . A lovely ridge walk followed as paragliders soared overhead in the afternoon sun . We stopped to admire the views from Lords Seat across to Kinder , above the Edale Valley & beyond to the distant Derwent Edge . Recrossing Mam Nick we ascended to Mam Tor where at last Anne could perch astride a trig point . Along the ridge to Hollins Cross & down to Edale , back at the cars just after five . A super walk in fine company which took in some of the wonderful limestone Derbyshire Dales , it's neighbouring quarries & a lovely ridge walk to finish . Edale's Dales duly delivered !

25.5 miles with 3730 ft ascent . Ian