2016 10 06 Bolton Wanderings


SP Group Heading out by Turton & Entwistle Res
Energy Boost  
Ogden Reservoir      
 Haslingden from Musbury Heights   
Taking Stock          
 Bright sunshine welcomed S.P.7.ready to take on Bolton Wanderers.
  Shortly after 8.30am we headed off for a brisk warm up along the lovely Turton & Entwistle Reservoir.
  An easy start,for what was to become a tricky few hours.Local landowners had closed off some of the styles
  and rights of way,so after my recce I had to re route the early stages so not only were they new to the group,
  they were new to me.
  Climbing steadily we twisted and turned our way past Tom Barn,Top of Meadow and Whittlestone Head on
  our way to Cuckoldmans.Skirting Hoddlesden Moss we reached our morning stop below Pike Lowe.
  On the move again we hopped onto the Rossendale Way for a couple of miles,contouring Nab Hill.A sharp
  right took us down past Ogden & Holden reservoirs. Tor Hill beckoned with a steep climb then down to our
  lunchtime stop overlooking Alden Brook.
  The second half kicked off with another long climb [ good for the digestion ] up and over Beetle Hill onto
  Holcombe Moor, pausing at Pilgrims Cross we took the path dropping steeply down Red Brook through the
  firing range { no flags flying today } The sheltered path round Black Moss was a welcome break from the
  chilly wind.After a quick drink Andrew decided to take an early shower, needing to get back early,and 
  took a more direct route to the C.P.
  We continued on,joining the Witton Weavers Way.Crossing Wayoh dam a treelined path took
  us back to our start point.
  Full time was blown at 3.20pm.20.5 miles 3100ft ascent.A definite win for the South Pennine Seven.
  Many thanks for their support.Jackie,Karen,Peter,Norman,Andrew and Dave.