2016 01 21 January Jolly at Jumbles

Talk amongst yourself

Ron finds the car park

Too cold for lunch to be had at Darwen Tower


Eventual lunch stop - not much shelter but less windy here

A dozen of us made a start from Jumbles car park on a dry but cold January Thursday morning.  It could easily have been 10 - Ron having visited all the car parks surrounding Jumbles before joining us and Ian just making the start too.  We'd had messages by phone and were of course happy to give an extra few minutes before setting off.  We made our way out past Jumbles reservoir, then Wayoh before heading up on to the surrounding moors.  Shortly after crossing the A666 we stopped for a coffee break.

Pressing on we crossed Darwen Moor.  By now the temperature had dipped appreciably, the wind was up and we were in light hill fog.  I'd thought Darwen Tower would have provided a reasonable place to stop for lunch but it was to drafty to stop there.  Dropping down off the moors the Witton Weavers Way was picked up and we found enough shelter in a sunken path to take lunch. 

The WWW was now follewed as far as Dimple where, after a false start up a house’s drive, all that remained was to walk over to Turton Towers and back down to Jumbles.  Finished for 3 pm.  19 miles and 750 metres of ascent on the GPS.  Thanks go to John for the route.