Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness', from an Ode to Autumn by John Keats, and so apt for today's walk.
Ten walkers set off on a Saturday morning from Silkstone, in a light mist on a textbook Autumn day. Twenty miles, muddy in places, but with the joy of Autumn leaves changing colour in all their glory and the hedgerows bursting with brightly coloured berries.

You know those walks when you come back and say 'we hardly saw another soul.....'? Well this walk was not one of those! Groups of teenagers working towards the expedition section of the Duke of Edinburgh award were in following a similar route to ourselves, and in places festooned the stiles. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is currently offering the display of ceramic poppies shown in the photographs which were previously at the Tower of London, and this along with the now clear, bright and dry weather had brought out the crowds.

But..... let's put a positive spin on this. The young people we encountered on the D of E walk were cheerful and courteous as they returned our 'Good Mornings' and stood aside to let us 'oldies' power through. How lovely to see young people well prepared and equipped and out enjoying the countryside. I suspect that within the crowd of visitors drawn to the sculpture park by the well publicised and accessible art of the poppy display, were those who are not regular walkers, but after enjoying this beautiful Autumn day might perhaps be tempted to venture out more often and further afield?

Maybe our relaxed companionship, chat, and laughter would prompt others to consider joining a walking club?
This was both Jane Guest and mine's first time at leading a walk for the LDWA and we thank those on the walk with us for your positive comments and encouragement. We look forward to planning and leading more walks with you in the future.

Lynne Harness