2015 02 07 Windy Hill



                                      Ralph and Dave


                                        Hiding the trig point

14 of us set off to the top of White Hill which was aptly named after recent heavy snowfall. On to March Hill which was a gentle climb but a sharp descent to the reservoir and looking back Julia felt it looked very similar to one of the unpronounceable Scottish Munro's. I didn't disagree and it did look very impressive in the conditions. Off to Tunnel End at Marsden for morning break.

Stiff climb up to Pule Hill and most went to the Stanza Stone to see the poetry entitled Snow - how appropriate. Extra interest as the Stanza Stones Trail had been featured on Countryfile the week before. Discussion as to whether the 47 mile trail could be used for a group walk next year.

Castleshaw Roman Fort for lunch (culture eh). You can understand why it was only utilised for 19 years - 19 minutes at lunch was long enough in this weather!

Piethorne valley in the afternoon and a gentle ascent back to the mast . Around 19 miles. A good day out.

Photos from Julie: click here