2014 10 02 Wye Dale Wye Not



It was all Normans fault, talking to him before the walk, he said he had found a walk on Saturday that visited four pubs. Well I thought I can do better than that. A quick look at the map, find those little blue pint signs, and off we went. The first couple of pubs, no problem, a few pints of shandy on a hot day. Things started to go downhill as cuba libras and mojitos became the drinks of choice. It really went wrong when we bumped into the group of ramblers from Leeds. The local bobby who turned up said it resembled a scene from wild west bar.  Everybody managed to get bail although I was going to let Lynn spend the night in Bakewell nick until I realised she had the car keys in her rucksack. Could all future walk leaders note that several members have the following bail conditions 1. not to enter the peak district. 2. not to enter any licensed premises. 3. not have contact with any member of any ramblers group. John will circulate details of the case when it appears at Derby Assizes. For those who are wondering why I dont appear in any of the photos, I was at the bar getting the drinks in. CHEERS Neil.

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