2014 07 10 Scout Dike

It was good to see both familiar and new faces on our Scout Dike Scoot and as a result of claimed enjoyment of this days walk the South Pennine group has increased its membership.
The day was hot and sunny with no need for the waterproofs some of us well trained walkers carried. Along the route ,during a conversation I managed to miss a path off to the right and was helped by my comrades with GPSs to recover the situation. The curse and blessing of West Yorkshire is that it has an abundance of paths to chose from. Crops and other vegetation almost completely covered some footpaths in spite of me having cleared them a week previously. The distance covered was 22.2 miles and the Man.United madman said he would report me for exceeding limits. May I say, I like to give value for money.              

Thanks to you all for your company, see you again I hope.             



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