2014 05 29 Emley



Driving over the Holmfirth road in the fog and rain this morning I was certain that nobody would be turning up for my walk from Cawthorne. I was wrong. John, Peter ,Lynn and Neil plus Sue and Terry,  two local walkers who are not LDWA members and came along to try us out.

Starting at the particularly delightful village of Cawthorne and going through a corner of Cannon Hall country park, through Deffer Woods to Clayton West. Then we were parallel to the Kirklees Light Railway track for a time and got a brief glimpse of a steam train. We then made a sweep around the boundary of Emley and I did spot what might have been a tower at one point. Returning along the Kirklees Way with a detour into Bretton Hall for an afternoon stop in the Sculpture Park and then taking the Barnsley Boundary Walk path back to Cawthorne.

Since I reccied the walk a couple of weeks ago the grass and the frequent crops seemed to have trebled in size, sometimes waist high - and they were wet. The ground was also waterlogged -saturated and swampy in the fields, soggy and boggy in the woods.

We therefore slithered, slopped, squelched,skidded and splashed our way for just over 20 miles.


I can only say " serves you right for turning up"