2014 05 01 Edges



Having led recent walks past Edgeley Sewerage Works, Salford Docks, Trafford Park and Ardwick, a change in direction was needed. A honey pot walk with views of dark peak mountains, gritstone edges, plague villages, a riverside amble and a beer garden to finish off and talk over the days walk.   What did I get, well it persisted down, and when it wasnt raining mist and fog prevailed. Well I've seen the future. The future is Cheetham Hill. John needs a walk for November. No one in forty years of LDWA has done a walk from there. Get everyone on a 53 bus up to Belle Vue, show them where the bobs used to be. Tell them the story of the bobby who applied for a transfer to the police helicopter, who we put spinning round on the roof of belle vue nick with two table tennis bats in hand, directing planes into ringway. Then on the Hattersley bus, maybe stopping off at crown point north for a bit of shoe shopping. Finish off at the Godley Hall Inn for a few slurps. Then put everyone on the train home. Now wheres Johns email address. Anyone got a grid reference for Cheetham Hill bus station?