2013 12 05 Haigh There

Our Haigh There walk was something of a cracker (details later).  From the Reebok Centre we set off few in number but good walkers all the same.  The weather was as forecast, Amber Warning of strong winds.  Our progression at times was halted  as we battled the elements; we took shelter in a stable (well its been done  before at this time of year).  We donned waterproofs and also had a morning snack of home baked goodies.  Following this we walked through Borsdane Wood which was magnificently coloured and appreciated by all.  We  later met up with another solitary walker at Hindley Hall Golf Club.  It was Doreen Viney who usually walks with West and East Lancs Groups and was on her way home from Haigh Hall.  Despite our invitation to join us she said she was going home to a nice cup of tea and a warm fire.  Walking through the Haigh Hall estate we heard a loud crack and following this a huge thud as a large tree succumbed to the wind and fell to the ground behind John and Andrew.  They then got a move on and rejoined the group.  We later passed a moated Arley Hall now yet another Golf Club, Crawshaw Hall, crossed Aberdeen Bridge passing Aberdeen Farm, Little Scotlland and Freezeland Farm before returning to our start point.
My thanks go to the brave, bold, daft fellow walkers for a good day out.
Regards Norman.