2013 10 24 Frodsham Flyer

Time flies by, and so I found myself in a dilemma last weekend, Do I go and recce the Frodsham Flyer or go to Spain on a mates stag do. Those of you that know how committed to the cause I am will not be surprised that last Friday at five thirty in the morning I found myself drinking Guinness at Manchester airport, waiting for a flight to Benidorm  with twenty like minded individuals in search of the one euro pint, Cuban cigars and the exotic charms of Sticky Vicky (how does she do that with a light bulb). Got back late on Monday night where I retired to a dark room to drink black coffee and eat a balanced diet of paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen. Seven thirty Thursday morning I was dragged out of the cellar by Lynn into blinding sunshine. I started having flashbacks and thought I was on my way to Buddhas Belgian Bar for couple of pints of Stella before breakfast, when I remembered, flipping heck Frodsham. Got in the car and freshened up with a couple of uncle Joe's mint balls which the grand kids had left in the glove box.

At Frodsham found two new walkers, Irene and Karen, usual introduction regular walkers? from round here? Northwich. Do you know the the Sandstone Trail? to which Irene declared it to be her favourite walk. Well I thought that's this afternoon sorted. Off we all set down the road to the river Weaver along the right bank till its time to come off, Checked my position on Ian's GPS, Do you have the Paddock on it? Yes. Well give us a shout when you get there. Now just before we got to the paddock we met Dale and his digger who was one of those who sees someone looking at a map wants tells them where to go. Now instead of the usual response I thought I might as well take some advice, although he couldn't get his head round why we didn't go on his short cuts. Off we set and I soon muddled up Diggers directions and Ian's  GPS got a bit blurred which led to the incident with the snarling dog and the electric fence. Lynn said I was her hero, Sticky Vicky would have been proud. Anyway got to lunch without further mishap.

On the way to Sandstone Trail took a turn over a wrong bridge but managed to get back on track, and on arrival at the trail to my delight  Irene surged to the front  showing all the potential of a future leader while I made my way to the back. We soon reached Frodsham Beacon with its views of the Mersey and Blackpool Tower.  

Thanks to the sun god and all those who turned up and made the walk such a pleasure to lead.