2013 10 13 Round and About Todmorden


 Most folk were already gathered inthe car park by the time we arrived. So quickly on with our boots and Sue and I join the throng. Shortly after 08:30 we set off and counting the numbers on the walk I dropped back to mid-position in the walk – 16 walkers to begin with (more about this later). With Sue at the front of the walk we soon warmed up quickly as we climbed out of the valley towards Gladdings Dam. We climbed into the clag and this set the tone for the day with the cloud base being just lower than the highest ground. So into and out of the clag several times over the course of the day. Reaching the dam and reservoir we were confounded to find three earlier risers taking a dip.

Having obtained the higher ground we kept to the edge of the ridge and following the Pennine Way, Stoodley Pike Monument emerged out from behind the mist. It wasn’t a day to hang around there and so with no more than a brief photo pause we dropped down to the canal close to Eastwood to take our elevenses. Refreshed we crossed the transport lines of canal, road and railway that follow the valley floor between Todmorden and Hebben Bridge to climb once more to the high side of the valley. Turning west we passed Whirlaw Common, over Hudson Bridge to Hartley Royd. We stopped here to admire the house, looking very much as it would have done several hundred years ago.

The wind was now bringing faint sheets of rain along with it and dropping into Pudsey Clough we took advantage of two scallops out of the side of the clough: one to take lunch, the other a handy place for, well a convenience stop. As we eat we could see two walkers descending the opposite side of the clough and then walk up towards us. Freddie and Helen were recognised by quite a few of us and they joined us for a while, so 16 became 18. Setting off again we made our way along Black Scout before dropping down a rough hillside to the Burnley road. Now heading north we walk under the dramatic outline of Theivley Scout before the stiff climb up to Theivley Pike and back into that clag.

Heading south now and homeward bound, Freddie and Helen peeled off to return to Cornholme, whilst the rest of us headed towards Flower Scar road. Here perhaps the mist was now an advantage with the construction work here being masked by the poor visibility. On the recce we asked what was going on learnt that wind turbines were being put up. We dropped back down to Todmorden for 16:25. Thanks to all who turned out.

GPSs were consulted and the consensus appeared to be 21 miles and approximately 4,000’ of ascent.

Steve and Sue.

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