Horizon 3


LDWA South Manchester Group                                 Horizon 3, Saturday 19th June 2021


David, Bridget, Steve M and Peter W departed from Peep o Day and followed the track towards South Head.  After a quick ascent and decent they continued over Brown Knoll and Kinder Low where they encountered several participants in The Spine.  Following a refreshment stop just before the Downfall which had nobut a trickle they descended towards Williams Clough which was infested with swarms of black flies. It was a great relief to begin the ascent to White Hill just to get rid of the pesky blighters. The trek across the slabs over Featherbed Moss in sunshine seemed very pleasant in comparison and a suitable spot among the heather was found for lunch.  Snake Pass was very crowded and shortly afterwards a left turn on a well-worn track led across two peaty gullies before ascending to Higher Shelf Stones.  Lots more people as we passed the crash site before heading north past the Hern stone to Wain stones where a group of DoE were pleased to confirm they were indeed where they thought. Pressing on past Bleaklow Head and descending the well worn path down Wildboar Grain it was time for last refreshments  before following Clough Edge to the final descent for the pick up at Longdendale Trail above Torside Reservoir.  At this point Steve and Peter continued a further 2.7 miles to transport at Tintwistle!

Sadistics:              15.6 Miles 2300ft ascent and 2550 descent

David Allen