Peover Round

LDWA South Manchester Evening Walk Round Peover 6th May 2021


Dave and Quentin met with David outside the Methodist Chapel on Pepper Street Snelson nr Chelford.  Conditions for a late Spring evening walk were atypical 5c, rain and wind. Setting off, fully waterproofed and fuelled by Werthers, in a westerly direction they turned past the Over Peover Heliport. Heading towards the Water Tower, by which time the rain ceased, before turning left on the bridleway dancing round the muddy puddles past the rear of Colshaw Hall.  At the sharp bend turned North past Blease Farm and turned west at Lower Moss.  After a couple of fields to the boundary of  Radbrooke Hall, where Barclays have main frame computers, they turned southish past massive new greenhouses repleat with millions of vine tomatoes.  Turning right on the footpath to the junction with the A50 reached the Whipping Stocks Inn, currently closed, before crossing past the gatehouse to the track leading all the way to the grounds of Peover Hall. It was a little early for the rhododenrons but interesting to pass the Napoleonic style stables. Hopping over the stile heading Northwestish past Peover Cottages, Fourlane ends then the track past Merrydale Manor with polo fields they returned to the Chapel punctual at 9pm.

Sadistics 10km /6miles almost Zero ascent and descent about 2 hours walking

David Allen

Two photos - beware - one of them is horrific and unsuitable for people of a nervous disposition sealed.