Lockdown Tale 2

This was not an official LDWA walk
Robbies Stroll. 9 July.
Six met at Hathersage, being told by our Leader, that Peter W will be here ‘just before the start time’. Bang on queue, he turned up at 9.59. We were impressed. Off we went, heading up Banks Lane, towards the Bronte Cottage, a beautiful detached house just oozing with character. On through lovely hillsides, heading for the tops and Stanage Edge complete with its Pole. A lovely walk through the woods, but the mist and drizzle were spoiling things. Now on the top, with a target of the Pole in sight. This has stood for hundreds of years, the last one being erected in 1915 and marking the boundary of Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. A short coffee break and decision time, plough on into the mist or plan a shorter return route back to base. The latter plan seemed best, and we set off down the Edge, thankful that we were on gritstone and not limestone. Sarnies were taken under the trees, with a spirited discussion on Hayley Mills, after one of her lovely films had been on TV recently. It transpired that she is one year younger than Q. Down past the Bronte Cottage with imaginary bids of between £250K and 1 Million being placed. Your scribe won with the £1M offer. Back at base, with enough time for some great coffee, sat outside and being served. Wonderful. Thanks for the day Robbie, I’m sure we will pick up some nice sunny ones in the week to come.
Quentin Blagg. 11/07/2020