Lockdown Tale

Thankfully lockdown coincided with the start of good weather so it was a good to rediscover many of the footpaths around the nearby Bollin Valley.  It was a pleasure to realise that the general population were also beginning to appreciate the local footpaths so then we had to go further afield to keep social distance.  When the National committee created the Coroanvirus 100 challenge to walk 100miles in the first hour of daily exercise in May my wife and I took up the challenge.  As the month progressed our pace picked up and later we had a better idea of where to walk without too many stiles to slow us down.   In parallel one of our members who usually organises the Wilmslow Beating of the Bounds Event to raise money for East Cheshire Hospice also launched a Bits of the Bounds challenge.  This provided further incentive to find fresh walks and by the end we had walked the boundaries of not only Wilmslow but also Handforth and Alderley Edge in bits, as well as parts of Styal, Mobberley, Mottram St. Andrew, Woodford and Warford.

Now the weather has turned, June is more relaxing and we are travelling further afield to Shutlingslow and Sandstone Trail to vary the scenery. We look forward to meeting up with many of you again.

David and Avril Allen