2022 AGM Minutes

Minutes of South Manchester Local Group AGM

                                 29th January 2022


1 The Chairman, David Allen opened the meeting held outside at The Swan with 2 Nicks, Little Bollington at 13.20 and welcomed and thanked members for attending.

Meeting was outside as the pub had a power cut and was too noisy inside and all members were present and ready to commence.

2 Present  were:-  Avril and David Allen, Quentin Blagg, John Braide, David Cliff, Dave Gosling, Bridget Knight, Michael Magee, Jerzy Matuszewski, Steve Millward, Jean and Steve Osborne and Peter Whitehead.

Apologies from:-  Nicoletta Bobobla, Roger Hand, Carl Harris, Gareth Phillips Ann Robinson and Peter Schick.

All present agreed that the meeting could start early due to the circumstances.

3 The minutes of the 2021 AGM had been circulated and were passed, proposed by Bridget, seconded by David Cliff. All agreed.   

4 No matters arising.

5 The Chairman, David reported on activities as per the circulated report and again thanked the many leaders of walks and commented that South Manchester group had run a comprehensive and regular series of walks. Thanks to members of the local group and to the officials.

The secretary reported on the level of local group membership.  As of 28th January 2022, there are 267 members. 

A question re the circulation lists was asked.  All current local group members (except those who have opted out to not receive emails) will be sent group emails.  In addition the secretary has a list of 80+ members and friends of the LDWA who have specifically agreed to receive emails of interest.  Some term these as motivational emails.

6 Bridget had issued the accounts earlier. Before commenting on the balance of £880+, she wished to echo the chairman’s thanks.  Of the monies £300 is set aside for a group weekend away when conditions are favourable. This leaves a balance of £580+. A question re South Manchester fleeces was asked and if any more would be purchased and also badges. Bridget will follow up.

David C asked if the group received any income. Monies had been received from running The Goyt Valley Challenge and from helping on 100s in the past.

The latter is distributed to those that had helped on the event.

Quentin proposed and seconded by Michael to accept all reports and agreed nem con.

7 All officers were thanked in particular David Allen who was stepping down after 6 years. The election then took place.  

Chairman (Dave Gosling), Secretary (Steve Osborne), Treasurer (Bridget Knight), Webmaster and Data Inputter (Duncan Smith), Walks Secretary (Michael Magee).

Duncan was not present but it was hoped he would continue in this position, Michael said it would be his last year after 5 as walks secretary.

7a Steve Millward willing to stand as Accounts Reviewer. Steve was thanked and all agreed.

8 Some discussion about future activities.  

Quentin spoke about future 100s to which we have offered our help on the Marshals event. This year is local to us and the Marshals breakfast stop is in Hope, he has names of those willing to help.

50th Anniversary activities are well in hand from Peter Nolan and Ann Robinson. In previous years we have had an away meet at Easter, can this happen next year? Dave G will check out possible properties to hire but not in the Lake District. A member to manage social media was requested again, the advantages of Facebook, Twitter etc were highlighted as recruitment tools.

9 Walk leaders to continue collecting names of persons on the walks. Quentin thanked those attending the meeting and presented David A with a calendar signed by all those present. David A again thanked all for attending.

The meeting closed at 14.10.