Zoom Committee Meeting Minutes Tues 5th Jan

Minutes Sth Mcr LDWA Committee Meeting Tuesday 5th January 2021



David A opened the Zoom meeting at 16.30.

Present David (Chairman), Bridget (Treasurer), Duncan (Webmaster etc), Steve (Secretary), apologies from Michael (Walks sec)

Points discussed, re how to ensure members are able to have their say at our Zoom AGM. All muted and can press the space bar or go to chat or do a reaction.

Walks programme cancelled until further notice as Government has put all English areas into a Lockdown.

Michael to do a programme to be submitted to the April STRIDER.

Steve to check if participants to Zoom meetings have to have downloaded the App?

Do you need zoom app to participate in a meeting?

No. A Zoom account isn't required to attend a meeting. ... Anyone can join a meeting using the Zoom mobile apps or desktop applications for Windows and Mac.16 Dec 2020


All current committee members happy to continue in post.


Suggested I head the meeting and help from Jean to record who is present, also would prefer if my mug was on screen rather than just having a blank/black screen.

(Normally the chairman runs the meeting and the sec. takes the minutes)


Agenda available on the Sth Mcr LDWA website, also the minutes from 2020.

Accounts been done and scrutinised

Duncan to do this.

Meeting closed at 17.05